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What is Swedish Drill? Swedish drill or Free Standing Gymnastics is physical exercise used in the development of both mental and physical powers by systematic exercise. This includes all forms of bodily movement and systematic exercise. Drill is simply a methodical adaptation of all the natural movement of the body. It will be found that the principles of the system are directed towards the co-education of the mind and body with a view to improvement of the health and the cultivation of control.
The exercises have been classified according to their effects on the body. The exercises are progressive and done to command.  

The Swedish Drill Teacher, M. H. Spaulding and L. L. Collect, 1910

This forum is for the convenience of the Providence Prep families and Interns, for needs, prayer requests, book requests and offers, etc.

On Friday, December 6, Vangie gave her report on pigs.  I am hoping that Esther and Caelyn

can give their reports on Dec. 13 - nothing elaborate!  Caelyn retold the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and we 

sang together Once in Royal David's City.  We did an animal study on Reindeer and drew a reindeer along with

Shoo Rayner.  I read Jack and the Beanstalk as they finished their reindeer. 

All the chanting and singing resources for Latin at Providence Prep!

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